550,000 Taurus and Sable models sold; for first time in 37 years Ford, beats Chevy; Ford reports highest profits in auto industry: $4.62 billion; Ford workers get largest bonus in industrial history; Ranger becomes best-selling compact truck


Two-year, $240M TCAP modernization completed; Ford Ranger production begins; American companies start to shift production to Mexico, years before NAFTA


For first time in 20 years domestic car production drops below 6 million; nationally, 250,000 autoworkers out of work; imports’ market share rises to 27.9%; Ford loses $658M, pays no dividends; new UAW contract with profit-sharing; locally, Ford celebrates 70th year in Twin Cities


Ford loses $1.7 billion; Chrysler loses $1.5 billion; Ford commits half its net worth to new Ford Taurus and plant modernizations


UAW Local 879 and national UAW conduct work stoppage to write protest letters to Washington re: oil shortage; Ford loses $678M in third quarter; GM loses $300M; imports rise to 21.8% market share; Federal bailout given to Chrysler; 400 workers fired at TCAP, adding momentum to Unity Caucus, a dissident group; workers bring suit at National Labor Relations Board for labor violations


Nationwide Ford strike lasts one month; local mood is bitter. New labor agreement includes seven more days off; 4 millionth car made at TCAP; production increases by 20% despite strike: made 84,030 cars and 21,861 trucks